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Why Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Left unchecked clogged gutters can cause serious damage to your property.  Therefore gutter cleaning is an important part of property maintenance. Call now on 07837 557274 to arrange a free quote.


Regular gutter cleaning is an important part of any building maintenance.  

Gutters can accumulate a lot of debris over time, moss, leaves and twigs that will cause clogs and overflows and eventually increased maintenance costs.

Why do gutters get blocked?

This can be a combination of fallen leaves, moss, twigs, and other debris that can build up over time. Leaves get blown onto the roof, traveling down into the gutters. When wet, leaves can stick to gutter walls and floors, and the flow of rainwater becomes lodged in corners and downpipes.


Over time leaves will breakdown turning into a fertile compost, the perfect breeding ground for seeds, moss, and weeds that have been blown onto the roof or dropped by birds. If left unchecked these invasive weeds can overtake your gutters, blocking the natural flow of water, plugging the downpipe leading to rainwater build-up, and possible overflow. It is critical that gutters are in good health for the winter to ensure water is free-flowing to prevent damage by snow and ice build-up.

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